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Help Chocolate Dino Fly!

London based lockdown start-up Chocolate Dino Company launches crowdfunding campaign ‘Help Chocolate Dino Fly!’ to raise £12k

‘Help Chocolate Dino Fly!’ project needs £12k to help the duo behind it spread their chocolate wings and grow their small independent business. Currently operating as e-commerce and with one trading location at the famous Brick Lane Market in London, their dream is to open further market locations, launch their sub-brand Cookie Factory, and ultimately bring all the chocolate brownie lovers and cookie monsters together in their Chocolate Dino Café!

Chocolate Dino Company started online in the first lockdown in May, and quickly started amassing 5* reviews and a loyal fan base. They are best known for indulgent premium chocolate brownies and delicious giant cookies. The founders’ dream is to create a happy and a rewarding workplace for themselves and their future team, with fairness and quality at the heart of everything that they do.  

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The project has already received backing of over 60 unique supporters, including a grant from the ‘Mayor of London Back to Business Fund’, and is heading towards its stretch target of £12k. The funds will help to buy ample stock of bespoke packaging, a commercial grade mixer to improve operational capacity, and to launch a sub-brand called Cookie Factory. If achieved, the £12k stretch target will allow for opening of two more market locations in the new year, providing part-time work for up to 4 employees, as well as buying a commercial grade oven.

Rafal, one of the duo behind this enterprise, said: “What started as an idea aiming to cheer our friends up and provide us with a little bit of financial support when we were hit with loss of income during the first lockdown, became our lifeline when I unexpectedly lost my job in September. Since then, we have been putting all our energy into making our Chocolate Dino fly! We work tirelessly and channel our passion for chocolate and people into every single piece we create”. He also added: “Having been made redundant myself, I understand very well how badly it affects one mentally. We want to make our project a success to regain much needed financial stability, but also to create job opportunities and give some of this stability back to those who need it. We are convinced all of this is within our reach, but we cannot achieve it alone, and therefore we reach out to all of you through our crowdfunding project and ask for your help and involvement. We started small; however, we dream big, and we will be grateful for your support and help in achieving our dream!”

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Help Chocolate Dino Fly! offers fantastic sweet rewards in return for your backing.

  • Christmas Chocolate Brownie Boxes
  • Birthday Butler Service
  • Cookie Factory First Release Boxes
  • Monthly Subscription Boxes
  • Buy a Chocolate Brownie Box for less fortunate ones – everyone needs some cheering up! These will be personally distributed by Marcin and Rafal to those who are homeless before Xmas. They also committed to topping up by 20% the total number of purchased boxes!
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Please follow the link below to learn more this project and how to take part and support!

Find out more online Chocolate Dino Company: Chocolate Dino Fly! 2Help Chocolate Dino Fly! 3Help Chocolate Dino Fly! 4Help Chocolate Dino Fly! 5


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