Like Learning & CLC announce new partnership to meet learning needs in 2021

Like Learning & CLC announce new partnership to meet learning needs in 2021

Like Learning & CLC announce new partnership to meet learning needs in 2021

PoliticMag Press Release : December 07, 2020

We are proud to announce the launch of resetyourorg – new learning for a new era. Rachel Puttick and Kami Nuttall partner up to meet learning needs that are emerging, following the global business disruptor, COVID 19.  New, flexible methods of learning with innovative delivery solutions that maximise return on investment.

From psychological safety programmes, to individual resilience workshops to full leadership online bespoke blended learning solutions, we’ve got your learning needs covered.

We help leaders to develop 21st century competencies that sit alongside the ability to manage change and use emotional intelligence. We teach and model equitable and inclusive practices at all points in the learning journey.

Grow your learning culture with us.

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So why did you partner up at this time when others are concentrating on providing the same courses on line?

Psychological safety is something that I am passionate creating in the workplace. I believe that it is a fundamental part of an organisation’s culture that allows people to thrive and be innovative as well as empowers them to feel truly included. Partnering with Rachel makes sense – our passions align. Her long history and experience with creating and delivering learning solutions, means she is highly people-centred and impact focused. I believe together we can make a massive difference to the workplace experience.

Kami Nuttall, CEO Culture Lab Consultancy Ltd.

Now is the time to reinvent. And organisations need support to do that. So we’ve reinvented what we do and how we do it, leading the way for learning in a new age. Why Kami? I partnered up with Kami due to her depth of experience in auditing and understanding organisations from the inside out. Her level of devotion and skills to support organisations through cultural change is unparalleled.

Rachel Puttick, CEO Like Learning Ltd.


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