Lymphatic Massage Therapy for Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema

Lymphatic Massage Therapy for Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema

Lymphatic Massage Therapy for Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema

PoliticMag Press Release : September 18, 2020

Breast cancer is becoming a global dilemma, each year millions of women fall prey to it. In 2019, around 2.5 million women were estimated to be diagnosed with this deadly disease according to WHO. Though the surgery is the best treatment with the survival rate of 90% it has a very adverse effect on the health of survivors. Women who undergo breast cancer surgery are at lifetime risk of developing lymphedema. A chronic condition that results due to the blockage of the lymphatic system caused by the excessive fat deposited beneath the skin.


Lymphedema is the most unfortunate and dreaded outcome of breast cancer treatment. It elicits stress and depression and threatens the life quality of breast cancer survivors. Lymphatic drainage massage is the best possible Breast Cancer Lymphedema Treatment San Diego offered by


After performing breast cancer surgery, usually, 1-2 lymph nodes are removed from the armpit area in order to examine the spread of breast cancer. The removal of lymph nodes leads to fluid buildup around lymph vessels. As a result, a patient may suffer from swelling around the chest, neck, shoulders, and fingers. In the beginning, lymphedema is quite subtle and that is the right time to undergo Body Lymphatic Drainage Massage San Diego. If left untreated, the condition will keep on aggravating.


Surgery is one of the options to treat, however, breast cancer alone affects the life of a patient, and therefore, surgery after surgery is not recommended by most of the physicians. A Post-Surgery Lymphatic Massage can help a lot in this and ensures the normal flow of lymph fluid to provide relief and help in reducing the stress caused by breast cancer and aftereffects of the surgery. A trained therapist of Body Lymphatic Drainage San Diego will generate a light pressure through the rhythmic movement of the hands to restore the lymph fluid. Along with Lymphatic Massage Explant Surgery therapy, other treatments are incorporated to depending upon the condition of the patient.


As lymphedema is the most probable outcome after breast cancer surgery, therefore, it is advisable to book an appointment with reputable and experienced lymphatic massage services. Get in touch with your surgeon as soon as you experience the symptoms of lymphedema including swelling and tightness around the neck and chest area, a chewing or pain sensation around the armpits, trouble in moving the neck, swelling in the hand, thickness in the skin around the chest and neck region, fever and overall fatigue and uneasiness.

If you are suffering from lymphedema, Lyme disease, dermus disease, or any other lymphatic system disease and looking from experienced lymphatic therapy services, then we are here to service you. We offer lymphatic massage therapies for adverse health conditions. You can book an online appointment through our website or simply drop us a message and our representative will you soon. We have a proven history of serving many people with the impaired lymphatic system who are now living a healthy and quality life.


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