LyricalGenes New Album ‘Dana Burtin’ 2021

LyricalGenes New Album ‘Dana Burtin’ 2021

On October 1, 2020, LyricalGenes posted an update on his instagram (@dj_is_1) that featured a single sneak peek to his new album ‘Dana Burtin’. LyricalGenes’s new song has a featured artist singing the hook while LyricalGenes comes in after developing the full vibe of the song. It is apparent that this song has great “pop” appeal to it, letting fans infer that LyricalGenes’s new album, ‘Dana Burtin’ which is LyricalGenes’s real name, will have a diverse catalog of Pop and Hip-Hop songs on the album.


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In addition, taking lyrics from LyricalGenes’s sneak peek single, he states, “ to shoot a movie and we got another team. Hitting home runs like the ball is on the T.” LyricalGenes not only teased his new album release for 2021, but he notifies his fans and supporters that he is preparing films to pursue his acting career. If you do not know, LyricalGenes is on Hollywood’s IMDb profile for actors and talent in general. He can also be found on IMDb TV to watch his demo reel and has a deeper understanding of his character and biography.


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