“Orion’s Messenger” by Antonia de Winter is published for children age 7-11 years old

“Orion’s Messenger” by Antonia de Winter is published for children age 7-11 years old

“Orion’s Messenger” by Antonia de Winter is published for children age 7-11 years old

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 ISBN #978-1839751899                                        

“Orion’s Messenger” by Antonia de Winter is published for children age 7-11 years old


Schoolboy Alex is transported to a magical island faraway and thus begins the adventure of a lifetime


the Book:

A dull, wet school holiday which has been so disappointing, is drawing to a close for Alex. All this changes when an unexpected visit to the Great Museum of History with his eccentric aunt sets off a fantastic chain of events. Alex finds himself transported to a fantasy place called Blue Sky Island, in the midst of talking creatures, a kindly wizard and a magnificent golden eagle called Orion, as the legacy of The Magic Orb is revealed.

Pitted against the dastardly schemes of The Grizzly Grumpot, find out what happens to Alex and his new friends when you step into this colourful world of adventure, mystery… and spells that don’t always work!


the Author:

Antonia de Winter is a children’s author, poet and songwriter. She lives in northwest London with her husband. She has been surrounded by colour all her life, having been involved in the family’s soft furnishing and interior design business in Notting Hill. Antonia has two married children and four grandchildren. She enjoys swimming, walking, narrow boating and taking photos, particularly of family and the changing seasons. Her dream would be to once again take a skidoo across the frozen wastes of Lapland, which is an awe-inspiring experience!

Orion’s Messenger lay on the back burner for over 30 years, waiting to be published – whilst all the above took priority. However, it is never too late to print a magical story which will let children’s imagination fly – and so, finally, here it is.

Antonia is currently working on the sequel to Orion’s Messenger and on a collection of poetry to be published in the near future.

The colourful characters and all the illustrations in Orion’s Messenger are brought to life by talented artist Daniel T. Sullivan


Excerpt from the book:

The room was in dark shadows once more.

“I must be seeing things,” whispered Alex under his breath.

“I’ve been calling you for such a long time,” said the Voice.

There was another flash of lightening, this time with a loud clap of thunder. It nearly made Alex jump out of his skin!

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Is it really you?” he gasped.

“Oh yes, I assure you I am quite real,” said the Voice.

Alex was shaking as he stuttered, “I – I – I don’t understand…”

“Come closer Alex,” said the Voice.

Alex took two hesitant steps forward. Another flash of lightening lit up the loft brilliantly. Alex’s eyes became as big as saucers for there, perched on the back of the old dining chair, was an enormous bird.

“Who, who … who are you?” he asked, but he knew the answer already. 


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