Vast Audiences Have New YouTube Content with ‘However’ channel.

Vast Audiences Have New YouTube Content with ‘However’ channel.

Vast Audiences Have New YouTube Content with ‘However’ channel.

PoliticMag Press Release : December 22, 2020

Wednesdays and Saturdays prompt new videos focused on technologies, hypothetical scenarios, scientific phenomena, and the study of the universe.


‘HOWEVER’ is a new and exciting YouTube channel series focusing on making interesting and complex things easier to understand for vast and diverse audiences. The series offers up a new episode every Wednesday and Saturday at 10am PST. Existing videos on the channel include topics such as ‘The Most Dangerous Animals In All History’, ‘What If You Wake-Up During Open Heart History’, and ‘What If The Earth Shared Its Orbit With Another Plant’ to name only a few.

“This channel is something we are proud of not only because of the content but also because of the production. The concepts are far-reaching and can be overwhelming. When we combine scripts that help a broad audience understand the concepts, it’s always a win. Add in our ability to develop video production that helps to deliver the serious scientific hypotheses with facts and then add-in interactive action and fantasy, we can engage and entertain,”

said a representative for HOWEVER.

‘HOWEVER’ will help people learn the answers to questions they may have but are afraid to ask. The channel not only entertains, but it helps to eliminate the stigma that someone has to be a rocket science to understand – well, science! Each and every video is created only using the latest information on each subject matter. It is fact-checked by a research assistant before going into the production phase.

“After selecting a topic, the production process begins with the research assistant. It’s not enough to just explain the topic – it’s important to explain it correctly, without making mistakes. Scientific publications and reports are carefully reviewed, and only the latest news is taken into account. As a result, we try to get the most interesting material from the best available sources,”

finished the HOWEVER representative.

Popular Mechanics has already picked up on the trend-setting YouTube show by citing an article inspired by ‘HOWEVER’. did the same, reposting ‘HOWEVER’’s video on exploding a 1,000,000 Tsar bomb in the Challenger Deep on its website. As more and more people spend time at home during the COVID-19 crisis, ‘HOWEVER’s’ content is becoming more and more popular and important – especially for home-schooled students of all ages.

Members of the media are invited to speak with the production team of ‘HOWEVER’ by submitting a story request to the information below.

Link to channel:
Hypothetical scenarios:


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