Waypoint Chiropractic Bozeman Updates Their Website in Order to Provide a Better Client Experience

Waypoint Chiropractic Bozeman Updates Their Website in Order to Provide a Better Client Experience

Waypoint Chiropractic Bozeman Updates Their Website in Order to Provide a Better Client Experience

PoliticMag Press Release : November 20, 2020

Waypoint Chiropractic Bozeman has just announced that they now have an updated and redesigned website. This was done to provide more relevant information the chiropractic care services that they perform at their Bozeman, Montana location. They deem this change as one that was necessary to stay in line with their goal of always being a progressive and client-friendly chiropractic treatment facility.

Dr. Cary Gentry, who founded Waypoint Chiropractic along with his wife, says, “We are probably one of the most client-oriented chiropractic treatment centers that you will ever come across. That’s because our philosophy here is that life is a journey and even the name of our facility reflects that. We truly believe that our clients will better be able to enjoy life’s journey if they are healthy and feeling good. That goes beyond just providing our clients with exceptional chiropractic treatments, too. We want everything their experience with us to be a pleasant one and that’s why we have done such things as trying to create a family-type atmosphere here and also to make our clinic look and feel warm and welcoming. We also believe that having an informational and user-friendly website is an important part of our clients’ experience with us, too, and that’s why we went to great effort to vastly improve upon it with the recent upgrade.”

Waypoint Chiropractic’s founder pointed out several highlights of the updated website, besides it being more informational. This includes the addition of a regularly maintained blog and the ability of the site’s users to be able to see up-to-the-minute user reviews. He says that they have also improved the site’s local search engine optimization so users can find it more easily and made it more visually appealing at the same time. Dr. Gentry also wanted to mention that this was not a complete website makeover, either. He says that many of the positive features of the old website have remained in the updated version too. This includes patients still being able to conveniently book an appointment with Waypoint Chiropractic right online.

Dr. Gentry added, “We were very pleased with how the improved website turned out and we have heard positive responses to the site’s upgrade from our clients that have used it.”

The Clinic’s founder also has the distinction of currently being the only Doctor of Chiropractic to be Certified Advanced Proficiency in Torque Release Technique (TRT) in the state of Montana. This specialized chiropractic technique has been proven through research to be the most specific, scientific, and reproducible technique in chiropractic care today. Dr. Gentry says that TRT focuses explicitly on the complex relationship between the nervous system and a person’s overall well-being.

Waypoint Chiropractic treatments are also highly thought of by those that have experienced them. This includes the many 5-star Bozeman chiropractor reviews that have been left on their Google Maps Listing. Danyelle Grace says, “Dr. Gentry and his team are wonderful, friendly, and knowledgeable! They made our experience stress free, gave us hope for healing, and blessed us with a free evaluation. We are excited to learn more and to help our bodies heal naturally the way God intended. Thanks, Waypoint, for being so amazing!” Emily Doyle wrote, “This has been such a great experience. I love that Dr. Gentry can pinpoint exactly what needs to be adjusted and does an accurate adjustment each time. My kids (ages 4 & 7) both go to get adjusted. The staff is very friendly, greeting you right as you get in the door. Super clean facility and very inviting!” On the 44 reviews that have been left on the above-mentioned listing, Waypoint Chiropractic averages an excellent 4.9 out of a possible 5-star rating.

For individuals in the Bozeman, Montana area that wish to get more information on the services that Waypoint Chiropractic offers, Dr. Gentry invites those individuals to call them, send them an email, or fill out the ‘New Client’ section on their updated website’s ‘Request an Appointment’ form.


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