We produce modern electric vehicle charging systems

We produce modern electric vehicle charging systems

We produce modern electric vehicle charging systems

PoliticMag Press Release : October 10, 2020

A pioneer in realizing the dream of an electrical mobility solution, AARGO EV SMART stations will offer state of the art technology solution. Imbibing the global best practices and safety protocols, our solution is one-of-its kind in terms of technology, implementation, usage and maintenance.

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AAR Power solution has a successful track record of executing multiple projects across myriad technological domains. With profound insight, necessary resources  and meticulous research on the electrical mobility segment, the company is well-placed to meet the infrastructure demands of installing electric charging stations at a Pan-India level. 

An Electric vehicle charging station also called as EV charging station/electric recharging point/charging point/charge point/ECS (Electronic Charging Station)/EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment), is an infrastructure that enables charging/recharging of electric vehicles

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The solution can be deployed at home or at work to enable a hassle-free charging of electric vehicles. AAR power solution aims to create a robust infrastructure of private charging stations across the country to realize the e-mobility dream of the nation.

Electric Vehicles increment the interest for moderate and dependable electricity. By proactively grasping the charge of our country’s transportation frameworks, utilities are situating themselves for continuous achievement. As an Early participant in the EV space, utilities will expand upon their notoriety for being a mechanical pioneer and a believed supplier of our country’s center foundation administrations.

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