37th Universal Periodic Review: UK statement on Nepal

Rita French

The United Kingdom welcomes Nepal’s progress since its last review. In particular, during my visit last year I witnessed first hand the good progress made on the political representation of women.

However, we remain concerned that fourteen years after the conclusion of the civil war, there is little accountability for conflict-era human rights violations and abuses. This feeds into a culture of impunity, which may further diminish confidence in institutions to deal with human rights violations.

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We recommend that Nepal:

  1. Harmonise the Foreign Employment, and Human Trafficking and Transportation Control Act to ensure consistency with the Palermo Protocol.

  2. Adopt an open, merit-based process when selecting national candidates for UN Treaty Body elections.

  3. Amend the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Act, addressing the demands of victim groups, to ensure victims of conflict-era violations and abuses are meaningfully engaged in the transitional justice process.

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Thank you.

Published 21 January 2021


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