ACT app reaches 100,000 Users


ACT app reaches 100,000 Users

That means more than 100,000 people across almost 8,000 UK organisations are now receiving expert advice and guidance directly from Counter Terrorism Policing straight to their smart phone or tablet device – Will you join them?

With the coronavirus pandemic changing all of our day to day routines, we understand that the threat from terrorism isn’t necessarily front of mind for businesses. But the threat of terrorism sadly has not gone away. The recent terror attacks in Europe and the change in the UK’s terrorism threat level to SEVERE – meaning an attack is highly likely – are reminders of how important it is to remain vigilant and for businesses to be prepared and able to protect their colleagues and customers.

By downloading the ACT App, organisations have access to the latest CT Policing information & guidance to help them:

  1. ACT Early in responding to & reporting suspicious activity directly to CT Policing
  2. Develop & implement their incident response plans (e.g.Evacuation, Invacuation & Lockdown procedures) using the assured advice within
  3. Access accurate & trustworthy alerts and information directly from CT Policing:
    1. Instant Messages should an incident occur
    2. UK Protect Bulletins outlining latest CT news & campaigns to support you and your organisational resilience
  4. Sign up for CT Policing Training e.g. ACT Corporate or the ACT E-Learning
  5. Shape the future content of the tool by submitting feedback directly via the App because “Together We Are Stronger”

New App Features

New upgrades have been integrated in to the App meaning the above it available in 50+ languages with improved dynamic search functionality allowing users to find the content they need faster and finally a new document library has been introduced making it easier than ever to find the guidance documents need to improve your organisational resilience.

Find out more by watching this video

How can I get the App for my business?

There are two ways to access the ACT App for your organisation

  1. Large Enterprise: Sign Up & Deploy to all colleagues within your Organisation – If you are a large organisation with company managed devices, our enterprise roll out solution is for you. This solution will allow you to deploy the ACT App to all company devices in your organisation. Working with your internal IT team the ACT App Team will provide them with the relevant files which will allow the app to be internally pushed to all colleagues devices. The app will show as an ACT App tile and users will not need to sign in to access the app or remember a specific username & password. For more information on how to do this, please contact [email protected].

  2. Smaller organisations: Sign Up for a Username & Password – If you are a smaller organisation without company managed devices, the best way to access the ACT App is via the Google Play or Apple App Store. After downloading email [email protected] to request a user name and password. You can also use our supporting poster to promote this through your organisation.

Please note access is for business/professional use only.

Published 11 December 2020


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