Anglian Pass being developed for boaters


The Environment Agency, the Conservators of the River Cam and the Middle Level Commissioners are developing a new pass together.

The Anglian pass will cover the River Nene, the Great Ouse system, the Middle Level Navigation and the River Cam.

This will allow boaters to move between different waterways without having to pay multiple registration fees. The price of the Anglian Pass will cover this.

While the final details are still being discussed, it will be an annual pass available from the 1st of April each year.

Nathan Arnold, Waterways Team Leader for the Environment Agency, said:

The aim with the pass is to provide a simple, fair and cost effective system for our boating customers. And for the three navigation authorities to operate.

We look forward to sharing the final details with our customers and user groups as the work progresses.

Tom Larnach, River Manager, Cam Conservancy, said:

The Cam Conservancy is excited to be part of the future of boating within the Anglian Region.

This pass will open up our rivers to boaters from across the country, enabling quick, easy and affordable access to our waterways.

David Thomas, Chief Executive of the Middle Level Commissioners, said:

When the Middle Level Commissioners started its journey towards seeking new powers to levy charges on pleasure craft for using their waters. It was the stated intention to work with neighbouring authorities to provide an option to make moving between navigations as painless as possible.

This agreement is therefore seen as a real milestone in delivering on this promise.

It is expected the ‘Anglian Pass’ will be in place in time for the beginning of April 2021. Ready for when the new boating season commences.

Vessels will be required to have a valid ‘annual’ vessel registration*, with their relevant navigation authority, before applying for the pass.

Boaters will still have the ability to purchase short-term/visitor registrations for accessing Environment Agency and Middle Level waters.


  1. an Environment Agency Anglian Waterways Annual Registration
  2. a CRT Gold Licence, a Middle Level Commissioners Annual Registration
  3. or a Conservators of the River Cam Annual Registration

Additional information

  • Following the Government announcement on 4 January 2021 of a national lockdown for England, this is our updated guidance for boating customers.

  • All navigation on our waterways should be limited to essential travel only.

  • Travel on waterways and overnight stays are only permitted where the boat is your permanent residence or it is necessary for work, education or similar reasons. Those who live aboard their boats should limit their travel to access essential services and facilities. You should stay local where possible.

  • As in previous lockdowns, some activities using unpowered boats are permitted as part of your daily exercise, limited to once a day and within the Government guidance for exercise. Please check Government guidance and any specific guidance from national governing bodies, such as British Canoeing or British Rowing.

  • For the latest guidance on Boat Safety Scheme certificates, please see the Boat Safety Scheme website.
    In terms of your registration plate, if you are unable to display it on your boat because of these restrictions, please just do this when Government restrictions allow.


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