BBC BIAS: Broadcaster accused of ‘running Project Fear’ unopposed over no deal Brexit | UK | News (Reports)


With talks failing to break the deadlock, some have stated the UK must and should’ve already walked away from negotiations without a deal. Commenting on social media, Sir John hit out at the broadcaster for not presenting any information on the benefits of breaking away from talks. The MP for Wokingham said: “The BBC keeps on re-running Project Fear.

“No interviews on how we can use our freedoms with a clean Brexit to be a much better and more prosperous country.”

Despite his claims, some users on social media were quick to say the broadcaster did address the outcome of a no deal Brexit.

The BBC has also stated within its broadcaster code that it attempts to show a balanced view on all current affairs programmes.

In a piece on his own site, the MP also set out the benefits of the UK leaving talks without a deal.

After taking a no deal Brexit, Sir John insisted the UK must drop taxes on products in the green industry and remove VAT.

The Brexiteer also called for the removal of harmful tariffs on food products which we cannot grow in the UK.

In order to stimulate food production, he also stated farm subsidies should be reorientated to slash food miles.

On the issue of fisheries, the MP also called for the UK to once again govern its own waters while also adding crucial fish processing to Britain – something fishermen rely on the EU for.

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“That way we will be better governed.

“If any given government lets us down we can sack them and get the answer we want from another.”

Talks continued last week with both Michel Barnier and Lord David Frost providing an update on matters on Sunday.

However, in a joint statement, Boris Johnson and Ursula von der Leyen vowed to continue talks in the hope of a deal.

Lord Frost will travel to Brussels this week in order to attempt to agree a deal.

Chief among the areas of divergence remain fisheries and the level playing field.

The EU wants Britain to sign up to a series of regulatory standards and rules to stop the UK undercutting the bloc.

Within this, Brussels has also indicated it may drop its demand for so-called ‘ratchet clauses’.


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