BBC licence fee ‘doomed’ as broadcaster hit with gloomy forecast | UK | News (Reports)


The radio host let rip at the BBC and declared the licence fee “doomed” after the fate of corporation was discussed on TalkRADIO’s “plank of the week.” Mr O’Sullivan was joined by fellow radio presenter Mike Graham as the pair lambasted the broadcaster for not “surviving on its own wits” amid renewed calls for the tv licence fee to be axed. The pair also discussed how the corporation is able to rack in billions of pounds a year from the licence fee and still making a loss.

Mr O’Sullivan said: “The delusion that we are going to carry on giving the BBC £157.50 a year

We are not that licence fee is doomed it is either going to get massively reduced or hopefully abolished 

“You say oh that terrible what will we do with the BBC, I’d just hey BBC great you do do some good things 

“Survive on your own wits.”

“This is an organisation that gets billions and billions of pounds from the licence fee money and yet still makes a loss,” Mr Graham added.

“They can’t make it work.”

The pair were also joined by host Dawn Neesom who blamed the BBC’s financial issues on the large salaries for people in charge of “diversity.”

She said: “They pay people in charge of diversity a third of a million pounds a year.”

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And the Brexiteer questioned whether new director-general Tim Davie, who spoke out on the issue of impartiality when he took over last September, could “turn things around”.

Asked if the BBC’s Brexit coverage was bias, Baroness Hoey told there was “no doubt about it”.

The ex-Labour MP added: “Nissan for me was almost the first positive story the BBC has covered even after we have left.

“It’s not just Brexit, it’s the fact that for many people out of London they do feel that the comedy programmes, all of the background stuff in the BBC, is just not where they are at.”


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