BBC News: Radio 4 host forced to apologise to minister after embarrassing on-air gaffe | UK | News (Reports)


A BBC presenter was left to plead for her studio to fix a “technical problem” she was faced with live on-air. Radio 4 Today show host Martha Kearney was interrupted in her grilling of Universities Minister Michelle Donelan on the Government’s plan to mass test students. Ms Kearney had been asking about students who had expressed concerns that if someone tested positive for coronavirus then they wouldn’t be able to get home for Christmas.

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Answering the original question, Ms Donelan insisted that students who were positive with the virus would not be left by themselves over the holidays.

She told listeners: “The reason why we’ve advised that students can travel back between December 3 and 9, is because if they have develop symptoms or are traced on the 9th, that still allows them the window to then do the self-isolation and return home for Christmas.

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“That/’s why it’s so important that we selected the 9th as the maximum day.

“That ensures that they do have that opportunity and that choice to go home.”


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