BBC Question Time: Boris Johnson’s ‘marvellous’ leadership defended by audience member | UK | News (Reports)


Panellists included Bridget Phillipson, Labour’s Shadow chief secretary to the Treasury, and Nicky Morgan, Conservative peer and former education secretary. The Question Time audience member said: “I think the opposition are just basically going against the Government all the time, regardless of what it is.

“It doesn’t matter what it was, they’ll always go the opposite. And they never come up with a solution – a viable solution – to prove anything at all.

“So, I just think that Boris has does marvellously, myself.”

This last statement prompted a smile from Ms Morgan, noticed by presenter Fiona Bruce.

The BBC presenter commented: “You’re cheering up Nicky enormously!”

Ms Morgan was sacked from her position by former Prime Minister Theresa May, before joining Boris Johnson’s cabinet and temporarily holding the role of digital, culture, media and sport secretary.

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She is now a Lords member and was said to be in the running as chair of the BBC, alongside George Osborne. Both recently pulled out of the race.

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“Bottom line, all Governments are struggling to balance the books in line with decision making.”

Another said: “I wouldn’t say a marvellous job but I hate to think where we would be now if Corbyn had moved into No. 10.”

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Others disagreed, with one stating: “The thing is, even if you think Corbyn might not have been the best PM in this situation, it’s still possible to accept that Johnson has done a bloody terrible job.”

The viewer’s support for Mr Johnson perhaps comes at a welcome time, with mid-September YouGov poll suggesting Labour and the Conservatives were exactly tied in public opinion.

It follows Labour leader Keir Starmer criticising the Government on a number of issues after he took over the leadership role from Jeremy Corbyn.

Earlier in the year – in the midst of the UK’s first national lockdown – a YouGov poll showed the Conservatives held a lead over Labour of 52 to 28.

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Other topics in last night’s Question Time episode turned to the Prime Minister’s recent row with Manchester mayor Andy Burnham.

The two leaders made headlines this week after initially failing to agree on a support package for businesses in Greater Manchester before the region was placed under Tier 3 lockdown measures.

One audience member, Susan, said Mr Burnham was “clearly listening to his population in Greater Manchester, which is not something I feel the Government is doing”.

Again, viewers took to social media to disagree, with one accusing Mr Burnham of “showboating”.

They added: “Anyone would think there was an election next year!”


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