Birmingham rave: Streets RUINED as police stop illegal gathering of more than 300 | UK | News (Reports)


Video footage shows hundreds of rave goers filling the streets as police approach the area. The gathering took place in a car park in the city centre. Officers responded to the incident on Hampton Street in the early hours of this morning at around 12.07AM.

A direction to leave the land has was given under Criminal Justice Public Order Act 1994.

Superintendent Jack Hadley tweeted: “Can you believe it….officers are clearing a group of over 300 people at an illegal rave in the city centre.

“This will not be tolerated!

Once the area was cleared streets appeared ruined by huge amounts of rubbish in footage circulating on social media.

In a separate tweet Jack Hadley tweeted: “A huge amount of rubbish has been left at this illegal music event in Hampton Street.

“Complete and utter disregard for other people who may need to use this car park tomorrow! #OpReliant.”

An hour later officers were called to another part of the city.

Another tweet read: “Officers are disrupting yet another ‘block party’ in Birmingham, 200 people crammed into communal area with sound systems. #OpReliant”

Earlier on this evening officers closed down an event on council land in Frederick Road, Aston.

Members of the public planning on attending were urged to make alternative plans.

The event was shut down at around 8.50PM yesterday evening.

However, two more illegal gatherings quickly popped up across the city.



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