Boris gone too far with new lockdown rules says poll ‘Families have more than six people’ | UK | News (Reports)


The new measures in England were announced by the Prime Minister earlier this week after the number of new cases rose from 12.5 per 100,000 people to 19.7 per 100,000 across the UK over the last week. There was a particular rise in infections among younger people in England.

A poll, which ran from 8.30am to 9pm on September 10, asked whether Mr Johnson has gone too far by introducing the new measures.

The poll published on saw 1,820 people cast their votes with 58 percent (1,029) criticising the Prime Minister on his latest restrictions.

One person said: “Families have more than six people so it is wrong to ban them from meeting at home or in the garden.

“What the Government needs to do is ban marching by large groups of people in towns and cities and street raves and music raves.”

Around 41 percent (768) said Mr Johnson has not gone far enough with restrictions to curb the coronavirus, while one percent (23) said they didn’t know.

One reader defended the Prime Minister and said: “You only have to look at France and Spain to realise Boris is right to clamp down now before it spirals out of control.

“Everyone bangs on about Sweden but we could never be like them.

“They respect their government, do as they are told and follow social distancing to the letter.

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Mr Johnson’s new rules were heavily criticised by Nigel Farage who claimed the measures will not be respected by protesters.

He tweeted: “This draconian law that comes in from Monday to allow gatherings of only six people will not be respected by protesters and those going to raves, so why should the rest of us comply?”

Addressing the first Downing Street press conference since July, the Prime Minister said: “If we are to beat the virus then everyone, at all times, should limit social contact as much as possible.

“It is safer to meet outdoors and you should keep your distance from anyone you don’t live with, even if they are close friends or family.

“People must not meet socially in groups of more than six – and if you do, you will be breaking the law.

“This will apply in any setting, indoors or outdoors, at home or in the pub. The ban will be set out in law and it will be enforced by the police – anyone breaking the rules risks being dispersed, fined and possibly arrested.”

Mr Johnson said the new rules were being introduced to “prevent another wholesale national lockdown”, and said he was “still hopeful” that “we could be able to get some aspects of our lives back to normal by Christmas”.

Under the latest measures, social venues such as pubs and restaurants will be legally required to request contact details of every member of a party and retain the information for 21 days.

Venues in coronavirus hotspots could also see their opening ours limited. 

The UK has the highest death toll across Europe after surpassing 40,000.


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