Boris Johnson savaged for ‘race to self-destruction’ after Rishi Sunak’s rousing speech | UK | News (Reports)


Boris Johnson and his Government have been repeatedly criticised for their approach to the coronavirus pandemic. TalkRadio host Mark Dolan demanded Boris Johnson focus on the economy rather than simply the spread of the virus. He added Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak was showing his determination to get back to economic normality more so than the Prime Minister following a speech he made on Monday afternoon.

Mr Doland said: “Rather than dwelling on the past and mourning lost jobs, lost businesses and industries, Mr Sunak talked about taking the hit.

“Taking the hit, rolling up our sleeves and getting going again, rebooting the country for a brighter future.

“Building back better, words from Boris Johnson, actions from Rishi Sunak.”

Mr Doland highlighted the importance of stimulating the economy and minimising the financial impacts of the pandemic.

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He said: “Forget about applauding the NHS every Thursday night, there will be no money for it.

“Forget about better schools, more hospitals, more cops and safer streets.

“You need to forget about the important levelling up of the north, grand infrastructure projects and broadband for all.

“In the end, the Government machine lead by a Prime Minister who focussed entirely on destroying a virus, something that has never been attempted in human history, it is a race to the bottom, a race to self-destruction.”

“Mr Sunak rightly shifted emphasis from bankrolling jobs that don’t exist anymore towards creating, new employment, new businesses and new opportunities.

“At the end of his statement, he tore up the cosy COVID-19 consensus.

“He said that we need to start living without fear.”


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