Boris Johnson warning: PM told to fix coronavirus ‘apocalyptic’ strategy by Christmas | UK | News (Reports)


TalkRadio host Mark Dolan attacked Boris Johnson for the Government’s strategy with dealing with coronavirus. Mr Dolan has previously questioned the effectiveness of national lockdowns and demanded the Government make decisions with the economy’s interests in mind. Following a rousing speech from the Prime Minister on Tuesday at the Conservative conference, Mr Dolan demanded more needed to be done to protect the livelihoods of Britons.

Mr Dolan said: “Boris Johnson, we welcome the positive message and your ideas for the future.

“Sign me up, I am in and I am on board but you need to lead now bravely.

“You need to recalibrate the Government coronavirus strategy.

“It needs to be in favour of lives, livelihoods and the many future generations already look diminished.

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“You must pivot and change and change soon as you still have a chance to prevail Boris, to lead and inspire and to win.”

Mr Dolan argued that despite the optimistic speeches from the Government, the people of Britain were growing restless.

He continued: “Time is running out as is patience across the country and I hear it every day.

“I would humbly suggest that you have until Christmas, Boris Johnson.

Mr Dolan said: “Rather than dwelling on the past and mourning lost jobs, lost businesses and industries, Mr Sunak talked about taking the hit.

“Taking the hit, rolling up our sleeves and getting going again, rebooting the country for a brighter future.

“Building back better, words from Boris Johnson, actions from Rishi Sunak.”


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