Boris warned Christmas plans change to spark furious revolt ‘how much more can we take? | UK | News (Reports)


Commentator Jemma Forte questioned how much the country could take in way of backtracking on new coronavirus measures. While speaking on the Jeremy Vine Show, she argued that Boris Johnson and the Government are not being pro-active but rather reactive to the coronavirus crisis. She insisted that she would be “furious: if Christmas plans are again changed last minute due to the Government’s lack of foresight.

Ms Forte said: “I myself would be furious if they mess up my Christmas plans now.

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“We have decided that all of the next generation, our parents, sadly are not with us this year.

“They are all doing the sensible thing, they are just going to be on their own which is horrible.”

“All of my siblings are coming to me, I have ordered the turkey.

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“The trouble is I have got that in my head now, how much more disappointment can our children take.

“How many more changes of plan, our kids are not going to school this week either because they are isolating or because the schools have closed.

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“So we are all just going to isolate until Christmas and I hope people are similarly sensible.”

The commentator suggested the British Government should have followed in the footsteps of other countries remaining stricter on COVID-19 restrictions to avoid raising the expectations of the public.

Ms Forte concluded by arguing that people travelling up and down the country was not a good idea.

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She said: “Of course, spreading it around the country was a recipe for disaster,

“And just like with Thanksgiving in America, there will be spikes and we will be facing lockdown again in the new year.

“I just wish this Government would be more proactive and not reactive, I think there is too much going on.”

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Stephen Barclay insisted the Government is not taking any additional changes to the Christmas period relaxation off the table.


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