Brexit DISASTER: US trade talks hit by MAJOR blow – delays could change everything for UK | UK | News (Reports)


The two sides have now agreed to postpone meetings, due to take place in Boston, until next spring due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic. 

Talks were also hit by delays due to US tariffs on UK products entering America, in particular on whiskey. 

With the November election fast approaching, negotiations have also been stalled due to the prospect of Democrat Joe Biden taking over from Donald Trump. 

Although Mr Trump has been a staunch supporter of the UK’s exit from the EU, his rival’s position is not yet completely known. 

He was, however, Vice President in Barack Obama’s administration who stated the UK would not see preferential trade terms with the US post Brexit. 

Experts have already stated, that if Mr Biden wins the election in November he will look to favour a deal with the EU over Britain. 

Although the two sides have agreed to continue talks throughout the autumn, the delay represents a major blow to International Trade Secretary, Liz Truss.

With the November election fast approaching, Ms Truss told a House of Lords select committee she had refused to place a deadline on US-UK trade talks. 

UK officials did this amid concern Washington may use “time pressure” against the UK. 

She said: “We have never publicly stated a timeframe for the US deal and that’s deliberate.

“We do not want our interlocutors to use time pressure against us.

“We won’t set a deadline and say we will meet that deadline.

“It’s dangerous to make a prediction.”

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