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The trade union for doctors urged for the need for Britain and European Union nations tackle infection disease “together”.

It has also been revealed that almost half of people in Scotland want a referendum on the Brexit deal, according to a new poll. The YouGov survey found that 48 percent of respondents in Scotland were in favour and 31 percent were opposed.

The poll revealed that the majority of people in Scotland believe that Brexit will make Scotland’s economy weaker and their standard of living worse.

YouGov president Peter Kellner said: “Support for a public vote on the outcome is growing across the UK but is particularly strong in Scotland where most people did not want to leave in the first place.

“There is deep pessimism about what Brexit will mean for Scotland and the next generation. Around two-thirds of Scots think the UK is ignoring their concerns and don’t trust Westminster to take these decisions.

“But the survey suggests the leaderships of both the SNP and the Labour Party are in the wrong place with most of their supporters.”

Yesterday the Ukip MEP Patrick O’Flynn said that Theresa May is preparing a “sell out” on freedom of movement after Brexit and is close to agreeing to a system which is very similar to the current deal.

This also comes as Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt called Brexit “challenging, divisive and difficult” and warned Denmark not to copy the move.

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8am update: No-deal Brexit could increase the risk of a Europe-wide pandemic, according to the British Medical Association

The union warned that leaving the EU without a deal would put the UK more vulnerable to outbreaks of deadly infectious disease.

They claim that the ability of the UK to coordinate responses to emerging threats, such as the measles outbreak, will be undermined and harder to stop infections from crossing borders.

Co-chair of the Brexit Health Alliance, Niall Dickson, said: “Infectious diseases do not respect borders and we need to tackle them together”.



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