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The UK formally left the European Union back in January and with trade talks continuing stumble on key red lines on both sides the Prime Minister is said to be preparing a no deal Brexit amid a second wave of coronavirus.

A leaked emergency plan by the Cabinet Office’s EU Transition Task Force raised concerns that not enough is being done to prepare for worst case scenarios.

Cabinet Office boss Michael Gove is said to “working flat out to make sure the UK is ready”.

According to the Whitehall document the Royal Navy might be needed to stop British fisherman clashing with illegal European fishing boat incursions.

Michael Gove, Cabinet Office boss, said: “We got Brexit done with a great deal in January.

“And we are working flat out to make sure the UK is ready for the changes and huge opportunities at the end of the year as we regain our political and economic independence for the first time in almost 50 years.

“Part of this work includes routine contingency planning for various scenarios that we do not think will happen but we must be ready for, come what may.

“Whether we trade with the EU on terms similar to Canada or to Australia, a brighter future awaits as we forge our own path.”

Another worse case scenario raised is if trade restrictions are imposed through a no deal Brexit outcome, hospitals could be overwhelmed.

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The transition period comes to an end on December 31 during winter when a second wave of coronavirus is feared.

The Whitehall document, obtained by , also claims animal disease could rip through the countryside due to shortages of medicines.

It also warned parts of the country could be hit by power shortages and petrol as 8,500 trucks get stuck at the Dover border.

And food and fuel supplies are all facing threats this Christmas if trade barriers are put in place without a deal.

This leak comes after the latest round of talks claimed negotiations were “going backwards”, raising concerns of a no deal outcome.

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8.30am update: Boris Johnson urged not to back down to EU demands

Boris Johnson has been told he must hold firm on the UK’s red lines in the current post-Brexit trade deal with the EU, or he risks “political suicide”.

Time is running out for the UK to secure a trade deal with the EU, as both sides need time to ratify a deal in their respective Parliament’s. But a Brexiteer has urged the Government not to make huge concessions in order to rush through a last-minute deal.

Former Brexit Party MEP Belinda de Lucy said it is vital UK negotiators maintain its red lines on fishing rights and the level playing field demand. 


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