Brexit news: Britons furious at EU fishing betrayal – ‘deliberately obstructive!’ | UK | News (Reports)


The bombshell has sparked outrage with an established exporter saying the decision was likely to “destroy any hope we had of the future”. The UK Government has told exporters the ban would end in April but an EU Commission official confirmed this was not the case.

Now Britons have lashed out at the bloc with many saying they are glad to be out of the European Union.

Reacting to the news on, one person said: “The EU will never abide by the terms, let alone the spirit of the treaty.

“They are being deliberately obstructive at every opportunity.

“Boris must make it clear that this nonsense has to stop now or all deals are off.

“No more payments, no more British forces in EU countries, no Irish Sea border and no access to British manufactured vaccines or access to other excess vaccines we have now and in the future.

“This will lead to the collapse of their stupid ‘single market’ and the pathetic nonsense that is the EU project.”

Another reader wrote: “So when the French come and steal our shellfish, lobsters, prawns and crabs it’s ok to take them back to France.

“Nutters all of you, so glad we’re out.”

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“If we cannot sell fish they cannot land fish from our waters.

“It is simple, just don’t give the EU trawlers a licence.”

Another person argued the UK has been “deluded” for the last 40 years if the country thinks Europe is “our friends”.

A reader wrote: “Ban EU vessels from catching shellfish in UK waters.

“That should make them reconsider.”

Mr Johnson was also urged to pull out of the trade deal signed in December by another reader who said: “I think the time is coming when we should get out of this deal.

“I believe it to be a good deal but it is clear the EU are going to break it at every opportunity so in my opinion we should leave without a deal.

“Stuff them and their bloody Commission.

“Leaders of Europe, they are a disgrace.”

This comes after an email sent in January warned it was “strictly forbidden for bivalve molluscs originating from third countries, such as UK” which were not fit for human consumption to enter the EU at any point.

They added how “molluscs accompanied by an aquaculture certificate, wild or from aquaculture, cannot in any case reach a depuration centre in the EU”.

Despite previous assurances from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), there was no mention of the restrictions being phased out in April.

Shellfish such oysters, mussels, clams, cockles and scallops are usually not suitable for human consumption in their pure state.

They require purification in the EU before they can be distributed to supermarkets, restaurants and bars.


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