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Not only will Jaguar become electric-only but the company will not close its Castle Bromwich plant despite fears it would do so. In an announcement today, Jaguar Land Rover pledged to steer Jaguar to a more green future as the company as a whole aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2039. In a boost to Boris Johnson’s plans for green Britain, Land Rover will launch six pure electric cars while not closing down any of its main factories in the UK.

Sepi Arani CEO of Carwow told “The biggest shift from today’s announcement lies in the significant future that JLR clearly envisions for Jaguar in repositioning itself as an all-electric brand to give the historic British make a new vision and purpose for this decade.

“Most manufacturers opting to create ‘all electric’ model families vs that of entirely dedicated brands as part of wider groups.

“This is a bold move for Jaguar, but one that we no doubt will prove fruitful as consumers look to reposition brand loyalty against the vastly changing backdrop of continued innovation.”

The Castle Bromwich plant will not produce cars but will remain open in order to take the manufacturer towards an electric future.

Previously, there had been fears the plant would close but it will now produce the existing models, while Jaguar models will be focused in Solihull.

Such is the statement of intent from the company, that Unite, welcomed the move to increase electric vehicle production and retain jobs.

Des Quinn, Unite’s national officer for the automotive industries, said: “Assurances of no plant closures and no compulsory job losses have been sought and given, and it is on this basis only that we will work with the company to meet the challenges of the future.”

The Prime Minister has pledged to create a more green Britain following the UK’s departure from the EU.

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The Prime Minister also put forward a plan to quadruple offshore wind power by 2030, in order to power every UK home.

Under his strategy, Mr Johnson hopes to create 250,000 new jobs with many focused in Scotland, Wales, the Midlands and the North of England.

Josh Hardie from the Confederation of British Industry said the strategy shows a true intent from the UK Government to become greener.

He said: “It gives a springboard to the huge opportunities for UK-wide investment and green jobs that a true low-carbon economy can bring.”

Nicola Shaw, of the National Grid added: “The Prime Minister has set out great ambition for the net zero transition including commitments on offshore wind, hydrogen and carbon capture and storage.

“We also welcome the earlier ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles and the support for the rollout of electric vehicles which will help improve the country’s air quality.


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