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The Labour peer aimed a jibe at the Prime Minister demanding a U-turn on Brexit following the government’s decision on A-Level results yesterday. After much fury, the Government decided to drop the used algorithm for awarding A-Level results and instead use predicted grades allocated by teachers. In reference to the decision, Lord Adonis said: “If Johnson can U-turn on this, he can U-turn on Brexit – in stages.”

However, his comment soon sparked a backlash from those on Twitter.

One person wrote: “Not going to happen.

“We left as we had voted to do.

“U-turning from no deal toward a sensible deal is possible and one that is in everyone’s best interest.

“Efta+eea was always the best way to Brexit, surprised you’re not calling it out yourself, to be honest.”

Another said: “A Levels was a decision of common sense and decency (your words not mine) to reverse Brexit would be an assault on democracy.”

Another said: “He can’t.

“Deadline for extending Transition Period has passed (in June) UK has left EU (in January). That ship has sailed.”

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“This is something none of us expected to see and none of us wanted to see.”

Due to the change in how the marks are given, institutions across the country are now facing increased demand from students who were initially rejected last week.

With GSCE results released on Thursday, the algorithm will now not be used.

Due to the controversy surrounding the results, the leader of the Opposition, Sir Keir Starmer savaged the Government’s handling of the fiasco.

Commenting today, Sir Keir labelled the latest decision as a sign of the Government’s incompetence.

He said: “The Government should have spent the summer implementing a plan to get children back at school next month.

“Instead, we have had to waste days on this fiasco.

“The Tories’ handling of these results sums up their handling of this pandemic: incompetent.

“The Government was too slow into lockdown, too slow to protect our care homes and too slow to provide our key workers with protective equipment.”


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