British Embassy San Jose: Call for bids – Climate Change seminar


The British Embassy in San Jose invites applications for proposals from interested organisations to help design and deliver a virtual seminar (in Spanish and English) on best practice in climate change adaptation, delivered over two half days.

The seminar would demonstrate how investing in adaptation and biodiversity can prevent climate change impacts, allow faster recovery from natural shocks, and be of economic benefit. This could include, for example, discussion panels on the following topics:

  • evidence-based analysis of the cost/benefits of preserving biodiversity
  • the socio-economic benefits of adaptation programmes, particularly in terms of job and livelihood generation
  • the role of nature and nature-based solutions in planning for a Green Recovery
  • best practice in integrating environmental protection into policy making

Further details of the UK’s climate change ambition and priorities can be found at

The selected implementer will assist in the selection of speakers, identifying and inviting relevant stakeholders and audiences and lead on all logistical aspects of the seminar’s organisation and execution. Seminar must take place by 31 March 2021. A more detailed concept note will be provided by this Embassy to the successful candidate. The Embassy will support the organisation of the event with inputs and contacts.

Bid guidance

  • Proposal budgets should be in USD.
  • Maximum budget limit is USD $20,000.
  • Activity must be completed by 31 March 2021.
  • Project proposals must have a clear purpose supported by achievable and measurable outputs (e.g. activities and reports) and outcomes (i.e. what the project aims to help address through its activity).
  • Projects are funded under a reimbursement scheme, against delivery of milestones, with no expectations of continued funding beyond this period.
  • Project proposals should demonstrate that the staffing level is appropriate to the aim of the project and that the staff have relevant expertise and experience in the field.
  • Deadline for receipt of proposal is 24 December 2020.


Bids will be assessed by the British Embassy Projects Board against the following criteria:

  • alignment with the above-mentioned objectives and outcomes.
  • outcomes are achievable within the funding period.
  • project design includes clear monitoring and evaluation procedures, as well as risk and financial accountability procedures.
  • the organisation’s safeguarding policies ensure protection of beneficiaries.
  • administration costs for delivering a project should not exceed 10% of the total project budget.
  • overall value for money.

Bidding Process

  1. Project proposals must be received in English by midnight (Costa Rica time) on 24 December 2020. Late proposals will not be considered.
  2. Proposals must be submitted in English using only the forms provided, in their original formats (no pdfs please).
  3. Proposals must contain the name of the call for bids, followed by the name of the organisation submitting the proposal, e.g. “Calls for bids: Climate Change seminar – [Name of organisation]”
  4. Proposals must be submitted in English to and
  5. Only the project proposal selected for further consideration will be notified.

All implementers will be expected to sign a standard FCO contract or grant agreement with the Embassy. The terms of the contract or agreement are not negotiable.

Bid documents

  1. Project Bid form (ODT, 52.9KB)
  2. Activity Based Budget (ABB) template (ODS, 10.3KB)

Other important information

  1. Value for money and ABB guidance (ODT, 13.7KB)
  2. Administrative costs guidance (ODT, 8.52KB)
  3. Grant Agreement (ODT, 84.8KB)

Published 8 December 2020


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