Britons do not think Theresa May is in control of her own party – UK



Almost three-quarters of Britons do not believe Theresa May has control of her own party, according to a Sky Data poll.

With the prime minister failing to gain universal backing among Conservatives for the Brexit deal she thrashed out with her cabinet at Chequers earlier this month, and facing further rebellions over key legislation, 74% of people say they do not think she is able to keep her MPs in line.

Theresa May is not in control of her party, most people say

Half of Britons said the control she has over her party amounted to “not much”, with 24% declaring that she had none whatsoever and just 19% thinking she had a “fair amount”.

Most damning of all, a paltry 3% said Mrs May had a “great deal” of control at a time in which she faces constant opposition from her own backbenches – including on a suggestion that MPs bring forward their summer break.

Anna Soubry MP


‘Pathetic!’ ‘Useless!’ Tory infighting in the Commons

The government has tabled a motion suggesting that parliament’s summer recess should begin on Thursday, five days earlier than originally planned.

MPs should not bring forward their summer break, most people say

Some 66% of Britons do not believe they should go away early, with only 15% in favour.

MPs are due to vote on the proposal later, but Brexit will dominate debate in the Commons until then following the referral of the Vote Leave campaign to the police over a breach of spending limits during the referendum campaign.

Liam Fox defends legitimacy of referendum result


‘We must stop fighting the Brexit vote over and over’

A third of Britons think that Vote Leave cheated, while 10% believe the Remain campaign broke rules.

Some 29% think both sides cheated, with 14% trusting that neither of them did.

Who cheated in the EU referendum?

Sky Data interviewed a nationally representative sample of 1,003 Sky customers by SMS on 17 July 2018. Data are weighted to the profile of the population.

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