Britons split on whether Tier 4 rules should be imposed on ALL of England after Christmas | UK | News (Reports)


Days before families were hoping to spend Christmas Day together, the Prime Minister plunged London, the south east and east of England into Tier 4 restrictions to curb the spread of the virus.

Under the restrictions, people in Tier 4 areas cannot meet other people indoors including over the Christmas and New Year period.

People can meet one person from another household but outside only.

The Government website even bans people forming Christmas bubbles in Tier 4 areas.

But as the new strain of coronavirus has led to an exponential surge in infections, it has been found in every county in the UK.

In response, an poll – which ran from 9.15am to 7pm today – asked: “Should Boris put entire country into Tier 4 lockdown after Christmas mingling?”

But the British public are torn over whether the restrictions should be imposed.

With 3,286 votes 56 percent (1,864) said the Prime Minister should implement the restrictions.

While 43 percent (1,379) said he shouldn’t, with just one percent (43) saying they don’t know.

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Third said there is zero point in a “national lockdown” while borders into the UK remain open.

They said: “So long as our borders are open, still allowing non-essential travel to come and go.

“Then there is ZERO point in doing a national lockdown.”

A fourth added: “Johnson should lift ALL restrictions, allow businesses to fully reopen and get the country back to normal ASAP!

“Those that are vulnerable isolate and protect as much as possible.

“For those sheep that want to be led by the nose comment away!

“Remember the COVID survival is 99 percent!

“You cannot live life ‘risk free’ if you want to do that, stay home never ever venture outside again.”

While another reader said a “global lockdown” is needed.

They said: “Of course he should.

“Let’s tighten up completely – maybe a global lockdown is needed.”

The southeast of England is already facing the toughest Tier 4 rules as the new strain of coronavirus has been linked to an exponential surge in cases.

From today, Sussex, Oxfordshire, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, Hampshire, and parts of Essex and Surrey will be placed under Tier 4 restrictions.


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