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The Duchess of Cornwall, 73, revealed she saved up all the books she had wanted to read and got started on them. Camilla also hailed a “renaissance of reading” during the pandemic with rising book sales.

Prince Charles’s wife has launched her own online book club – The Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room – to provide inspiration for literature lovers.

In a video posted on Instagram, Camilla said: “I think it’s a sort of renaissance of reading, really.

“You know, whatever other awful things came out of lockdown I think reading has come out extremely well and I think it’s revived and we just want to keep that going.”

The royal admitted the lockdown was a shock to begin with.

She said: “Well I think it’s like all of us, lockdown – there we were all locked down, locked up, locked in.

“And, you know, it was a wonderful opportunity to, once you got over the initial shock, you thought, ‘well what can I get out of this?’

“And, you know, reading is a passion, so I just saved up all the books I wanted to read and sat down and read them.

“And I think a lot of other people did as well, because book sales have gone up.”

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One commented: “A renaissance of reading…such a wonderful message of optimism and joyfulness for every age, wherever and whoever you are.”

Another wrote: “Thank you for reminding people about the comfort and joy reading can bring to life – from a librarian across the pond.”

A third praised: “This is very encouraging, I love the positive spin HRH has on such grim times. Reading is such escapism from all the madness. Thank you Ma’am.”

Another added: “I am loving these posts. Reminds me how much I love my books and the comfort they bring, even looking at them.”

One more said: “And another lovely video of our lovely Duchess.

“She always finds the right words and whatever she says you can always be sure that it comes straight from her heart.

“Personally, I felt a bit different at first, as I was pretty down with my nerves and couldn’t really concentrate on anything but thanks to HRH and #TheReadingRoom I finally got back to reading.”

Camilla’s Reading Room has already amassed more than 89,000 followers on Instagram since its first post at the end of the year.


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