Choose your own Analysis Adventure


Today, Tuesday 20 October is the third World Statistics Day with the theme – ‘Connecting the world with data we can trust’. The theme reflects the importance of trust, authoritative data and innovation in national statistical systems.

Michelle Bowen is a Principal Researcher, working in the Good Practice Team in the Office for National Statistics (ONS). On World Stats Day, Michelle explains how you can join the adventure of helping shape Analysis in Government month…

World Stats Day is a fantastic platform for the global statistical community to come together through a series of virtual events, this seemed like a perfect day to tell you about our plans to celebrate the world of analysis in government.

Does anyone remember those children’s books where you got to choose your own adventure? I’ve been re-reading these with my son recently. The books are quite unique and don’t follow a traditional story format. Instead, you are in control of the characters destiny by choosing the paths they take through the tale…

All the books start with an introduction page or two which give some background to the story. At the end of this you make a choice. For example, “If you want to fly the aeroplane, turn to page four” or, “If you want to sail the boat, turn to page 15”. Throughout the story there are lots of different choices to make. Each time you read the story you have the potential for a different experience and ending, depending on the paths you chose to take.

In the spirit of this, we want you to help us choose the path to take for the first Analysis in Government month, to be held in Spring 2021.

During Analysis in Government month there will be a programme of events, talks and activities covering a range of interesting and useful content. Topics will reflect the diversity of our work, and could include case studies or our work, career stories from data analysts, top tips on methodology, accessibility and much more.

We want your help to set the agenda and help shape Analysis in Government month. There are many paths we could take, but which should we choose?!

What would you find useful or interesting as part of this programme? What would make you want to attend? Have your say by completing our short survey and choose how our adventure continues. Your insight and opinions will shape the programme and ensure we develop something which works for you.

There is also the opportunity to highlight if you would like to get involved in the organisation of Analysis in Government month. Michelle and the team want to develop a programme of events which is both representative and useful for all analysts in government.

We would love to hear from individuals from a variety of professions, departments and grades, so no matter where you work or what kind of analysis you undertake – we want to hear from you.

Hopefully, with your help we will choose a path which leads to an amazing ending and a fantastic programme of events and activities! Watch this space for the next chapter in this story as work and planning develops.


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