Cornwall sonic boom shakes houses: Huge ‘explosion’ sparks alarm as jet rushes past | UK | News (Reports)


Shocked locals took to social media to tell of their experience.  One said: “Sonic boom over North Cornwall 5 mins ago… certainly shook the house.” Another tweeted: “Something to do with the jets or something some sort of sonic boom literally thought I was gonna die.”

One woman living in the seaside town of Bude in north east Cornwall wrote: “Anyone hear a big bang / explosion in Bude?”

She added: “I think it’s jets – a sonic boom from one. Can’t normally hear airplanes but can today.”

And another Cornwall resident said his home was so badly shaken by the boom that he thought the chimney would collapse. 

He wrote: “The @RoyalAirForce are having fun in Devon/Cornwall.”

He added: “Big bang at 12.15pm – shook our poor old cottage so much I thought the chimney had fallen over!

“Sounds like there’s a couple of jets recreating a scene from Top Gun! Keep the noise down guys!”

This is a breaking story…more to follow


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