Coronavirus news: Boris says cities “will be full of buzz” after lockdown end mapped | UK | News (Reports)


The Prime Minister outlined yesterday his roadmap out of lockdown in two much-anticipated addresses. The plans could see England become restriction-free by June 21 should all four tests set by the Government be met, including an examination on whether the vaccine rollout is continuing to progress at a good pace.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday evening, the Prime Minister has refuted speculation home working could become a permanent reality, branding it a “paradox”.

He also expressed hopes the public will soon fill the city centres as it did before the coronavirus pandemic gripped the world.

He said: “I don’t believe that this is going to mean a fundamental change to the way life in our big cities really works.

“The better remote communication gets, and the more people can see other talk on mobile devices, there’s a paradox – the more actually they want to see others face to face.

“I think London and our great cities will be full of the buzz and life and excitement again, provided people have confidence about coming back into those city centres.”

Martin Beck, chief UK economist at Oxford, hailed the long-awaited move as “good for confidence”.

Speaking to the Telegraph, he added that the enhanced prospect of domestic holidays would drive Britain’s growth.

He said: “The shackles are coming off the UK economy. We spend more on services like leisure and hospitality and less on food and energy or fuel than the Europeans.


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