Covid latest: Face mask laws may be relaxed over summer period – top Government medic | UK | News (Reports)


Jenny Harries, a public health physician who was appointed to the role two years ago, was asked specifically about the need for mandatory face coverings indoors after June 21. She spoke during a Downing Street Press conference on Tuesday held ahead of schools returning on March 8.

Ms Harries said: “One of the things we know, of course, is doing things outside is ever so much safer than doing things inside – ventilation, we know, is really important.

“As we get into the autumn, when winter comes in and we spend more time inside, then again we may be looking at it.

“But it’s quite possible over summer months, as we did last year when we see rates drop, that we would not need to be wearing masks all that time.

“Summer period is generally, we think, a much safer period for us with less need for interventions, but I think that doesn’t rule it out as we go into winter periods again.”

The Government will be reviewing the use of masks before the introduction of step four of their roadmap.

Step four is the final stage before lockdown is expected to be completely over, when all restrictions should be lifted.

But Professor Graham Medley, a SAGE adviser and infectious disease expert at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, believes face masks may still be worn in five years time.

Prof Medley told MailOnline: “Personally I will not be surprised to see people wearing face coverings in the future in crowded, indoor places for years to come.”

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“The review will also inform guidance on working from home – people should continue to work from home where they can until this review is complete.”

The Prime Minister told the House of Commons: “We will aim to remove [all legal limits] on weddings and other life events.

“We will reopen everything up to and including nightclubs and enable large events such as theatre performances above the limits of step three – potentially using testing to reduce the risk of infection.”


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