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COVID-19 has a vice-grip on the UK still, with tens of thousands of new cases per day and hundreds of deaths. England will soon come to the end of its near month-long national lockdown, and on December 2 ministers will reintroduce the tiered regional system to tide the country over. Each of the devolved nations has taken a different approach to the pandemic, meaning England’s measures could cause conflict at its land borders.

Can you travel to Scotland or Wales in Tier 3?

Travelling within the UK has faced several challenges during the coronavirus pandemic, primarily due to conflicting policy.

Each of the devolved nations has followed similar but ultimately divergent paths in their approach to controlling COVID-19.

As such, England may allow travel where Scotland and Wales do not, but this may have caused some confusion when it comes to travelling borders.

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One such restriction is on travel between the devolved nations and the Republic of Ireland, which they have prohibited.

Scottish policy states: “This applies to people who live in Scotland and to people who live in any of these countries who are thinking of coming to Scotland.

“These rules will be kept under review and if the prevalence of the virus in all, or part of, any of these countries reduces it may be possible to relax these restrictions for some areas.”

Much like Wales, people can still travel across the Scottish borders with a reasonable excuse.


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