Demolition of village in the Occupied Palestinian Territories: UK Statement


Following the demolition of Humsa Al- Baqai’a, Minister for the Middle East James Cleverly said:

I am seriously concerned by the demolition of Humsa Al- Baqai’a, a Bedouin village in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

This act caused unnecessary suffering to many vulnerable Palestinians, including 41 children, and may impact the community’s ability to withstand Covid-19. It is also detrimental to prospects for peace.

2020 has seen the highest levels of demolitions of Palestinian homes and structures since 2016. I call on the Government of Israel to cease this policy, and provide Palestinians with a clear, transparent route to construction in Area C of the West Bank.

In all but the most exceptional of circumstances, demolitions such as these are a violation of International Humanitarian Law. This latest demolition by the Israeli Authorities destroyed the homes of 11 households comprising of 73 people, including 41 children. The UK provides funding to the West Bank Protection Consortium, which is coordinating with the Palestinian Red Cross and the United Nations to provide emergency shelter to the community of Humsa Al-Baqai’a.

The UK also continues to support Palestinians to stay on their land, including through: the West Bank Protection Consortium which provides essential infrastructure for vulnerable Palestinians in Area C, and funding legal aid which helps Palestinian communities challenge eviction and demolitions decisions in the Israeli legal system.


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