Diana’s ‘awkward stumble’ in Australia captured Aussie hearts for the people’s Princess | Royal | News (Reports)


In the footage, recorded during Prince Charles and Diana’s first joint tour of Australia in 1983, Diana can be seen fumbling over the final lyrics of the anthem – “Advance Australia fair”. The moment was captured by news cameras following Diana’s every move in front of the Sydney Opera House in March 1983.

Diana wore an iconic pink dress by Bellville Sassoon and a matching pink hat by John Boyd.

Despite being lost for words, the crowd only became more enamoured with Diana.

Thousands of people flocked to the streets of the Sydney harbour to catch a glimpse of the royal couple.

People were hanging out of windows to try and see the royal superstars as they drove past in an open-air Rolls Royce.

The footage reveals that Diana also momentarily broke down in tears momentarily under the pressure from the mass hysteria caused by the crowd – something Charles failed to notice.

The 1983 tour saw Prince Charles and Diana complete a six-week trip around Australia and New Zealand.

With them at the time was Prince William, aged only 9 months.

In a 1983 interview, Prime Minister Bob Hawke and his wife Hazel were charmed.

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Diana also visited the country as a divorced woman in 1996 after being freed from the constraints of royal life.


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