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During a White House meeting between the two leaders this afternoon, Mr Trump declared his support for Mr Conte’s anti-immigration laws, urging other EU countries to follow Italy’s strict policies on border control.

Mr Trump said: “I agree very much with respect to what you’re doing with migration, illegal immigration, and even legal immigration.

“He’s taken a very firm stance on the border, a stance that few countries have taken, and frankly you’re doing the right thing in my opinion. A lot of other countries in Europe should be doing it also.”

Before the meeting, the US President took to Twitter to openly declare his tough stance on border control.

Mr Trump tweeted: “We must have Border Security, get rid of Chain, Lottery, Catch & Release Sanctuary Cities – go to Merit based Immigration. Protect ICE and Law Enforcement and, of course, keep building, but much faster, THE WALL!”

The two presidents met at the White House this afternoon in a joint press conference, in a bid to discuss their shared policy views, on border control and NATO spending.

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Mr Conte and Mr Trump have similar views on immigration – The Italian Prime Minister leads a populist and anti-immigration coalition government, led by Lega and the Five Star movement, who have aim to implement a hard line against allowing migrants across its borders.

The US President reaffirmed his special bond with Italy today, as French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel watched in dismay, as the two world leaders are known to have a rocky relationship Mr Trump over his controversial views.

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However, unlike other EU member states, Italy’s Prime Minister has openly declared support for Mr Trump’s policies.

Mr Conte announced his agreement with Mr Trump’s calls to increase NATO defence spending, calling them “reasonable positions” and declared that he would be “the carrier of the message” to Europe.

He said: “These are absolutely reasonable positions and stances, and I personal take them into great account. And I will be personally the carrier of the message and I will try to make the others understand his position as well.

Mr Conte added: “We must negotiate with the United States to find balance in interest of Italian cities, American citizens, and European citizens.”

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Speaking about the hostile relations between the US and Iran, Mr Trump declared he would be still be willing to meet if Iran if “they wanted” to, despite escalating tensions between the two countries.

The US President said: “I would certainly meet with Iran if they wanted to meet.

“I do believe that they will probably end up wanting to meet. I’m ready to meet whenever they want to.”

“No preconditions. They want to meet, I’ll meet. Whenever they want.”

Finishing his joint press conference with Mr Conte, Mr Trump vowed to maintain US sanctions on Russia, but praised his “great” meeting earlier this month with Russian President Vladimir Putin.


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