Farage attacks ‘woke cobblers’ from BBC Radio 4 in ‘fisherpeople’ rant | UK | News (Reports)


Mr Farage tweeted: “BBC Radio 4 now calls fishermen “fisherpeople. God save us from this woke cobblers.” His comments come after the BBC’s Europe editor Katya Adler used “fisherpeople” during a debate about fishing rights after Brexit.

The gender-neutral term even sparked a response from the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations chairman Barrie Deas who suggested a different gender-neutral term.

He said: “If anyone feels the need to change the nomenclature, that’s easily resolved.

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“In North East Scotland, where I’m from, they refer to ‘fishers’.”

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph he added: “There are women in the industry on the processing and management side including a president and chair of this federation so the reality is that women are well represented in the industry as a whole but not very much on the catching side.

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“It’s really only a handful.

“Mostly it’s men that crew the boats.”

Mr Deas was asked if his organisation would change its own name.

He said: “If it was a request from a woman president and chair of our executive committee, or if it came from some of the big fishing businesses run by women, we would very rapidly change.

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“Once Brexit hits there won’t be a fishing industry anyway”

BBC guidelines suggest that using “men” for job descriptions should only be used on-air when the job is the sole preserve of men.

The guide states: “Unless you are sure only males are involved, avoid words such as ‘newsmen’, ‘businessmen’ and ‘policemen’.

“Substitute journalists, business leaders, police officers etc, as appropriate.”


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