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The Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) has published its report on the fireworks evidence base on 29 October 2020.

OPSS has developed the evidence base by:

  • drawing on existing data, literature and research
  • undertaking stakeholder engagement with a wide range of organisations and groups, inviting them to submit data they can collate or have access to that is not available to OPSS or is not publicly accessible

The aim has been to seek evidence around the key issues raised in petitions, correspondence and debate. These are:

  • market-related information
  • noise
  • injuries and accidents
  • anti-social behaviour and illegal activity
  • environmental information
  • intelligence related to non-conformity and non-compliance with product requirements
  • international comparisons

Fireworks information supplied to OPSS

OPSS is publishing information provided by organisations and existing online content drawn to its attention (highlighted in the hyperlinks below).

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This is for general reference and does not represent the views of OPSS.

Please note that a number of the following materials are not Crown Copyright.

Firework importation notification system: Quarter 3 evaluation October to December 2019 (PDF, 638KB, 3 pages) – Provided by Suffolk County Council Trading Standards Service

Submission from the British Pyrotechnics Association (BPA) and CBI Explosive Industry Group (PDF, 105KB, 2 pages)

Evidence sent to House of Commons Petitions Committee – Provided by Bright Star Fireworks and the British Fireworks Association (BFA)

Consumer safety product awareness programme report, drawing on an online survey by Atomik Research (PDF, 746KB, 14 pages) – Provided by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)

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Submission from Association of Convenience Stores (PDF, 163KB, 3 pages)


Submission from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) (PDF, 199KB, 4 pages)

Position paper on the use and sale of fireworks – Provided by the British Veterinary Association (BVA)

BVA Voice mini-survey (PDF, 382KB, 3 pages) – Provided by BVA

Submission from the British Fireworks Association (BFA) (ODS, 54.8KB)

Injuries and accidents

Hospital admitted patient care activity 2017-2018 – Provided by RoSPA


  • External causes spreadsheet

Submission from the British Horse Society (BHS) (PDF, 136KB, 3 pages)

Firework occurrence summary 2014-2019 (PDF, 382KB, 5 pages) – Provided by the Civil Aviation Authority


Reports, debates and petitions – Provided by the Firework Abatement Campaign

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  • Full report 2019
  • MP briefing firework debate 2018
  • Addendum to report 2018
  • Full report 2016

Not a one-way road – Severity, progression and prevention of firework fears in dogs (Stefanie Riemer, 2019) – Provided by RSPCA

Fireworks information commissioned by OPSS

Fireworks: noise levels and impacts on health and the environment (PDF, 246KB, 7 pages)

Open source monitoring report – Fireworks (PDF, 1.14MB, 9 pages)

Scottish consultation on fireworks

Consultation on fireworks in Scotland – Provided by the Scottish Government


  • Analysis of consultation responses
  • Nationally representative opinion poll
  • Review of existing evidence
  • Fireworks action plan: Promoting the safe and appropriate use of fireworks in Scotland

Petitions Committee inquiry

Fireworks report 2019 – Provided by the House of Commons Petitions Committee


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