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The 77m abandoned vessel drifted across the Atlantic Ocean before running on the coast of Ireland. On 16th February 2020, the MV Alta washed up Ballyandreane, Ballycotton.

The US Coast Guard had previously rescued the ships’ crew 2,000km southeast of Bermuda in October 2018. It’s believed the ship had been travelling to Haiti from Greece. 

Cork County Council has recruited international experts to advise on what steps it should take to deal with the grounded ghost ship. 

It’s believed specialists will examine the steel hull of the ship and determine the next steps. 

Oil and diesel were successfully removed from the vessel last February by a salvage expert engaged by the council. 

To date, there has been no confirmation of ownership of the wreckage which washed up on the Irish coast in February 2020.

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Mary Linehan Foley the Mayor of the County of Cork has urged people not to try and visit or board the vessel which is becoming increasingly unstable and unsafe.

She said: “The ship presents a very real danger to anyone close to it, and due to its location, it is not safely accessible. To respect the private property of the local landowners, and to avoid life-threatening injury I ask everyone to stay away from the wreckage.”

Additional reporting Joe O’Shea. 


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