GREAT Week in Guatemala officially launches


The British Embassy and several partners in Guatemala and the UK have teamed up to hold a ‘Culture is GREAT Britain’ series of events.

UK and Guatemala brands, universities, artists and public organizations are taking part from 4 to 11 March, including Twinnings Tea, the University of Birmingham, Sophos Library, the Tea Shop, the One Man Band, Cerveceria Centroamericana, and the Directorate of the Historic Archive of Guatemala.

Culture is GREAT Week in Guatemala will include a glimpse to the best of British music, food, literature and heritage. Most of the events will take place virtually, and open to the public. There will be an opportunity to visit by invitation the British Ambassador’s residence and join a special activity.

Culture is GREAT Week events

GREAT Week will involve a host of events open to the Guatemala public. These include:

Literature is GREAT Thursday 4 March, 19:00 A discussion of the 10 best books in British literature Available to all public on social media channels of Sophos Library
Music is GREAT Sunday 7 March, 18:00 Recorded concert by One Man Band and Juan Wiza Available to all public via Zoom
Heritage is GREAT Tuesday 9 March, 10:00 How the UK and Guatemala preserve their historic buildings Available by invitation on Zoom
Food is GREAT Thursday 11 March, 17:00 The secrets of British tea and how to prepare it Available by invitation

To know the details of each event, get the links and win the opportunity to participate in other activities, please keep abreast of the Embassy’s social media channels.


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