Kate Middleton and Prince William ‘need heads examined’ after ‘ill-advised’ royal tour | Royal | News (Reports)


The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William visited Scotland and toured Berwick-upon-Tweed, Batley and Manchester on Monday as they met schoolchildren, ambulance workers, volunteers and charity workers. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon suggested the Duke and Duchess travelled to Edinburgh despite their office being made aware of restrictions for those wanting to cross the border. One furious Briton, James, the brother of an NHS worker, has hit out at the royal couple and branded the tour “ill-advised”.

Speaking to LBC, James said: “My sister works in one of the specialist paramedic units that the royal couple visited and she was on/off-duty and what she was actually doing while she was off-duty was being part of a funeral for a fellow paramedic who died of Covid.

“This man had come out of retirement to help during the pandemic.

“Watching this today I thought whoever advised them to come up here?

“I can’t even go and visit my sister because she’s in a different council area from me and she’s working like the rest of the NHS.

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“They’re working their backsides off, whoever advised the royal couple to come up needs their head examined.

“They should have advised them what the rules are. It doesn’t look as if anybody cared.

“I don’t appreciate there were lots of crowds coming out.”

He added: “It was so ill-advised of them to come up.”

“I was helped considerably by the great sense of camaraderie at my work.

“There was never any rush to come back and they have been like another family to me.

“It was really heartening to see the royal couple here today acknowledging what we do and their thanks means a lot to us.”

His colleague John Kane told the royal couple how he spent three weeks in an induced coma in Edinburgh’s Western General Hospital after contracting the virus.


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