Matt Hancock clarifies Britons will NOT need to carry Covid vaccine cards | UK | News (Reports)


Health Secretary Matt Hancock clarified the Government’s position on coronavirus “passports” and what the Covid cards are for. While speaking on Sky News he insisted that they were a standard reminder card and were not intended to be used to gain entry to places. He said: “People don’t need to carry these Covid cards at all.

“They are standard NHS reminder cards because you have to have the second dose.

“It is critical we give people an appointment so they can come back for a second dose.

“These cards are a standard NHS reminder card for your follow up appointment for the second dose of the vaccine, which is what gives you the immunity.

“We are not proposing that you have an immunity certificate that allows you to do different things.” 

Mr Hancock outlined the Government’s plans regarding relaxing restrictions now that the coronavirus Pfizer vaccine has begun to be administered. 

He said: “What we want to do is get as many people vaccinated as quickly and safely as we can.

“Once we have protected those that are vulnerable from COVID, then we can start to lift the restrictions that we have got in place.

“I want to lift those restrictions as much as anybody does but I can only possibly recommend that when it is safe to do so.

“I can’t overemphasise this enough, we are not there yet.

“We have taken a big step forward but we are not there yet. 

“Everybody still needs to follow the rules because I think it would be terrible if we would see that we now have the solution and that it is coming and being delivered and then we relaxed too much at this point then the virus is still a deadly disease until we have enough people protected from it.” 


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