Kate Middleton news: Duchess described as ‘caring and dedicated’ in outing for Hold Still | Royal | News (Reports)


The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out to meet people who submitted photography that represented the coronavirus lockdown to the project. The royal couple cut a stylish figure and wore masks to meet photographers as well as subjects.

In Waterloo, they met Sami Massalami Mohammed Elmassalami Ayed, a Hackney Food Hub volunteer who appeared in the picture “Sami”, submitted by Grey Hutton.

Mr Massalami confessed he was not aware the image had been entered in the contest.

He added that he received a call from the National Portrait Gallery confirming it had been entered in the project by one of his colleagues.

He said: “The Duchess called me a few weeks ago and we had such a lovely conversation.

“She told me how she wanted to build a snapshot of how Britain was coping in the pandemic, but to show all sides of what people have gone through and are still going through.”

He added: “The Duchess came across as really caring and dedicated, I was so impressed she took the time to call me.

“I told her about the work they do at the food hub, and she agreed it’s such a vital project.

“I was lucky enough to help out there for a couple of months, but they always need help throughout the year.”

“It had such an impact it captured the moment, it was a look behind the scenes. The story of what you experienced is so important.”

William added: “It is important for history purposes to show that actually happened.”

About her passion for photography, Ms Duah said: “I married photography and care together.

“I took a series of photos of them getting into and out of their PPE. I thought it was the most interesting aspect.


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