Kate Middleton news: The Duchess receives regular parenting tips from THIS relative | Royal | News (Reports)


Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton, regularly helps her daughter with her parenting duties which she combines with the day-to-day activities of the key member of the Royal Family she is. During an interview for The Mirror, royal expert Katie Nicholl described how important it is for the Cambridges to have Kate’s family’s support when it comes to raising their children.

Ms Nicholl said: “One of the things that allows William and Kate to be so ordinary is the presence of the Middletons in their lives.

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“Carol is a regular through those golden gates at Kensington Palace, she whizzes through in her Land Rover.

“There is no security because everybody knows her.

“She turns up to help with bedtime and bath time. She is absolutely indispensable.”

Despite being “diffident” the Duchess does not have a problem talking about issues close to her heart.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, royal expert Leslie Carroll said: “In Meghan’s absence, and particularly during the coronavirus lockdown, Kate has been compelled to step to the forefront a lot more.

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“Even from behind her keyboard and computer screen, she has become more visible and accessible.

“She is naturally more diffident than Meghan; the openness with strangers doesn’t come naturally to her, although she can speak candidly on subjects close to her heart, such as parenting.”

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She has even been spotted on royal tours and during official family events, including Princess Charlotte’s christening in 2015.

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Norland expert and Nanny in a Book author, Louise Heren, explained why Ms Bordallo is one of the best nannies in the country.

She said: “There will be no messing. That’s because Maria will be aware that as they step off planes, holding mum’s hands, smiling and waving to the crowds, there can’t be any crying or terrible twos or tantrums.

“There will be lots and lots of outdoor play, that’s the one thing you could say Norland are old-fashioned about. Loads of fresh air.


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