Meghan Markle news: How Duchess uses face mask to support causes close to her heart | Royal | News (Reports)


Meghan wore the mask whilst undertaking charity volunteer work as a necessary coronavirus precaution. Meghan’s striped blue and white mask is from New York-based African-inspired clothing line Royal Jelly Harlem.

The company, owned by mother-daughter team Teta and Maya Gorgoni, is inspired by the diversity of the African continent and its art.

It also purchases many of its materials from Africa, though the end products are made in New York City.

Meghan’s mask is sold by the company for just $15, and also comes with a burst of orange on the inside.

According to People magazine, the Duchess’ choice of mask “was a way to promote” both the Black Lives Matter movement as well as women.

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Meghan has spoken out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement before, such as when she addressed the 2020 graduating class of her old high school Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles.

She said: “I wanted to say the right thing, and I was really nervous that I wouldn’t, or that it would get picked apart, and I realised the only wrong thing to say is to say nothing.

“Because George Floyd’s life mattered and Breonna Taylor’s life mattered and Philando Castile’s life mattered and Tamir Rice’s life mattered.”

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The group provides children in need aged between 0 and 12 with basic necessities such as nappies and clothing. Their work has reached children in homeless shelters, domestic violence programs and hospitals.

The Sussexes have spoken out in support of the California charity before.

In 2019, Harry and Meghan suggested fans donate money to charity to celebrate the birth of their son Archie.

The Sussexes brought four charities in particular to their followers’ attention – The Lunchbox Fund, Little Village, WellChild and Baby2Baby.

Regarding the latter, the Sussexes said on their Instagram page: “As a native of Los Angeles, The Duchess of Sussex wanted to include a locally-based charity from her hometown that helps children and parents in need.

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“Baby2Baby provides children aged 0-12 living in poverty with the necessities every child deserves.

“Please consider supporting this very special organisation. Thank you for sharing the love.”

One of the company’s founders, Kelly Sawyer Patricof, told People magazine: “Once you become a mum and you see how much you need and what’s required and how expensive baby essentials are, I think you realise that there are mothers out there that are struggling to provide these basic essentials to their babies.”


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