Kate Middleton shows she is under ‘extra pressure’ in most recent appearance – expert | Royal | News (Reports)


Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, took to Instagram to announce the results from her Five Big Questions survey, in regards to children under the age of five. The Duchess of Cambridge captioned the video: “Join us this week as we announce the results from the Five Big Questions survey, reveal the #5BigInsights, and take your questions. This is just the beginning…”

“We are a nation in the middle of a crisis and it’s times like this we turn to the Royal Family for support, comfort and hope.”

The Cambridges have really stepped up the plate, and the Duchess has gone to great lengths to make the Royal Family more relatable, which has done wonders for their previously somewhat cold reputation.

She often shares pictures of the couple’s three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, on a variety of social media pages in a bid to be closer to the public, much to the delight of fans around the world.

Ms Nicholl added: “It’s uplifting for Britain, particularly for royalists, to see what the future of the Royal Family is going to look like.

“The Royal Family has gone to great lengths not to be seen to be aloof or distant or unrelatable.”


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