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Queen Elizabeth II’s grandfather is reported to have died at age 70 after his doctor euthanised him with the deadly drug dose. The claim come from a Channel 5 documentary called George V: The Tyrant King. The new documentary features experts on the Royal Family who explore the life of the monarch.

The documentary showed chilling diary entries from the King’s doctor Lord Dawson.

He admitted assisting the King’s death at 11pm on January 20 1936.

The documentary reaffirms George’s cause of death, which was kept secret for 50 years until its release in 1986.

Lord Dawson said in the diary: “At about 11 o’clock, it was evident that the last stage might endure for many hours, I therefore decided to determine the end and injected three-quarters gram of morphia and shortly afterwards one gram of cocaine into the distended juglar vein.”

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Lord Dawson’s motivations for killing the King are explained further in the documentary.

Royal expert and biographer Angela Levin claimed the death was orchestrated to take place specifically at 11pm.

She said in the programme: “He also manipulated it so that he would die just before midnight so that his death would make the front page of The Times, which was the king’s favourite paper.”

Ms Levin also added: “There’s been this argument about whether it was murder or euthanasia, if you look at it objectively it was a huge decision to make to kill a king without absolute authority, it’s a very dark but interesting mystery.”

George had fallen ill with a cold, and had been bedridden from sickness for five days.

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The King also suffered from chronic bronchitis in the years leading up to his death.

Royal Expert Ingrid Steward said on the programme King George “was obviously going” to die, so the doctor decided to take action.

She added: “People are saying in effect he killed the king, it’s a very controversial debate these days, the medical team certainly had more power than they do today.”

Dickie Arbiter, the Queen’s former spokesman, also believed the doctor euthanised George.

But George’s wife Queen Mary of Teck did not approve of the practice as she “was highly religious”.

Mr Arbiter also said “it’s not for us to judge” whether the King’s death was moral.

He added: “Would the King have survived? Probably not.

“Would he have suffered? Undoubtedly yes.”

The documentary will also look at George’s reputation as cruel and demanding in private circles.

In the programme, experts on the royals discuss how the royal treated his wife Mary “like a slave”.

George also refused to grant his cousin and friend Tsar Nicholas II of Russia asylum in the UK, which lead to him being murdered by the Bolsheviks.


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