Lockdown end date: When will lockdown end? Latest estimates for roadmap revealed | UK | News (Reports)


Mr Johnson’s roadmap will be shared with the public on February 22.

He said the country is going through a “very serious pandemic” and that in just a few days he will be setting out a roadmap for the way out of lockdown.

Current lockdown restrictions mean people must remain at home and only leave their homes for essential reasons such as seeking medical help, escaping injury or harm, to work or to move house.

Those who breach these rules may face fines of up to £10,000 depending on the circumstances.

These restrictions were enshrined into law to last until March 31.

But lawmakers extended these rules to empower local councils to close pubs, restaurants and shops until July.

Mr Johnson previously revealed the soonest he anticipates rules could be eased was from March 8, when schools may be fully reopened.

However, experts from University College London, Oxford University and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine say there is “tentative evidence” suggesting it will be safe to start reopening schools at that time, with the best option being to start with primary schools and secondary pupils in exam years.

They advise national lockdown restrictions instead be kept in place until April 19 or until such point as the R-rate can be kept below 1.0.


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